Posterhanger Connector Set

$ 39.95

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Hang Oversized Posters up to 12 Feet Wide with the Posterhanger Connector Set. The connectors enable the aluminum extrusions of two Posterhanger sets to be tightly fitted together thus creating one really huge custom Posterhanger.  

Posterhangers of any size can be connected together. For example, one 36" and one 40" Posterhanger can be combined to create a custom 76" Posterhanger. Or combine two 50" Posterhangers to create a huge 100 inch wide Posterhanger. With the Connector Set, the possibilities to create your own unique custom size Posterhanger are endless.  

Connectors are sold as a set which includes 2 high quality metal connectors, one for connecting the top, and one for connecting the bottom aluminum section of your Posterhangers.

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