The Original Posterhanger - How It Works



Aluminum poster hanger designed by Jorgen Moller

Posterhanger comes in a set which includes the following: 2 aluminum bars (one for top and one for bottom) Plastic Fittings, 4 Rubber Stoppers and a nail.

    A pre-drilled hole, centered on the back of the top bar, provides for a perfectly balanced frame when hanging on the included nail.


    Slide the plastic fittings onto your poster

    Father installing posterhanger plastic fitting onto poster of daughter skiing


    Slide the aluminum Posterhanger bars over the plastic fittings and insert the rubber stoppers into the ends of the aluminum Posterhanger bars

    Father installing aluminum posterhanger onto poster of daughter skiing


    Once installed, it's now time to hang your poster:

    father hanging a poster of daughter skiing on a wall using a posterhanger



    child is happy to see posters of her skiing and mountain biking displayed on a wall with poster hangers