Posterhanger by Jorgen Moller

Created in 1982 by Danish architect and designer Jørgen Møller,
Posterhanger solves the problem of hanging posters simply and affordably
while at the same time maintaining the integrity of your print.


hanging photography exhibition hanging art in living room hanging art

poster hangersMinimal Design
Made of aluminum, Posterhanger gently attaches to the top and bottom edge of your print, providing you with an elegant yet neutral hanging solution. A pre-drilled hole, centered on the back of the top bar, provides for a perfectly balanced frame when hanging on the included nail. See How It Works


"the most simple, elegant poster hanging solution we've ever seen."uncrate


Maximum Functionhanging art gallery exhibition
Posterhanger is used all over the world by artists, photographers, designers, universities, students, businesses and by people simply looking to hang prints.

Use Posterhanger to decorate your home, hang a photo exhibition, hang posters in your store, office/workplace or classroom. Hang photography, fabrics, movie posters, maps, designer wallpapers, large prints, store signage, serigraphs, lithographs, giclée prints, linen backed posters, blueprints and more.

Jim Matusik's PERSONS Of INTEREST Exhibit 2013




Easy To Use

  1. Attach clips
  2. Slide on aluminum bars
  3. Hang
  4. Enjoy!